hey geniuses in the FEA tag

those posts about “my dad is not for sale” and then the post about Chrom’s trophy being on sale in ssb

yeah those are supposed to go together

it’s not just a coincidence

I heard there was a new One Piece and a Dangan Rompa game coming out this month…hmm…

"Don’t be ridiculous," I’m told by “supportive” parents as I try to go after my dreams.


by 霧縞 / translated by murahimu

badass!levi who is still badass even while carrying around a baby!eren \o/

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"People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long." [x]

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If someone ever tells you to change your clothes because they are too revealing

Take them off

Take off your skin

Grow over 50 meters tall

Kick a wall in

Become a grim reminder to humanity

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SASUKE  : Brother.  i just found that i draw the logo wrong , sorry.. 


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